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This is a personal credit box template created to use with my (own) photographs.

Hints about the implementation[edit]

  • Around the main table, I put (like in the code for the original {{Information}} template) this division: <div class="hproduct commons-file-information-table"> ... </div>. Using these classes allows merging with the main Information box, just as e.g. the {{Location}} templates use it.
  • Seems that for the <table> the single class="toccolours" is sufficient. The {{Information}} template <table> element uses class="fileinfotpl-type-information toccolours vevent".
  • The other style=* attributes for the table <table> element have been taken from the {{Information}} template.
  • The localization for the ‘Attribution’ field uses the same sub-templates as the {{Credit line}} template; so look out if any of them is updated/changed, because this may force us to update this template, too: {{Int:wm-license-cc-attribution}} and {{I18n/Credit line}}.

Template preview[edit]

Colour space
CIE1931xy sRGB.svg
This image file uses the sRGB colour space.
(required by the license)
© iMahesh / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0
Using this image new.svgCc-sa.svg
  • You can use this image file free of charge under the terms of the free license CC BY-SA 4.0. In particular, this means:
  • You should include the credit line (Attribution) given above in an appropriate place (next to the image, or in your list of image sources, etc.), to establish a clear and reasonable link between the image and the credit line. Please quote the credit line (Attribution) completely.
  • If you use this image in projects not related to Wikimedia/Wikipedia (e.g., in a book, or on your website), please send me an Mail-closed.svg e-mail or leave me a message.
  • If you use this image in printed media (e.g., in a book, for a postcard, etc.), please send me a sample copy. Thank you very much!
  • Mail-closed.svg Contact me if you need a special version of this image (the RAW file; some detail, a different focusing or resolution etc.), more information or any special permission.
  • Note: No Facebook.svg This file has been released under a license which is incompatible with Facebook's licensing terms. It is not allowed to upload this file to Facebook.
Editing this image
"Please do not overwrite the author's version with a modified image without discussing with the author.The author would like to make corrections only from the uncompressed RAW file. This ensures that changes are preserved and are based on the best possible source to achieve a high quality. If you think that changes are required, please, get in touch with the author.
Otherwise, you can upload a new image with a different name without overwriting this one. Use {{Derived from}} or {{Extracted from}} for this purpose.