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Two-wheeled open carriage Onet-le-Chateau 07.jpg This template is obsolete and out of service
I keep it for reference use etc., but please do not use it anymore.
There is a newer template which should be used instead:
User:Aristeas/Credits/CC BY-SA 4.0

A personal credit box template for the use with my (own) photographs. This template generates an extension to the standard {{Information}} box. It also uses auto-categorization to sort the image file automatically into Category:Photographs by Aristeas - by name, and, if the ID and date parameters are specified, also into Category:Photographs by Aristeas - by ID and into the appropriate subcategory of Category:Photographs by Aristeas - by date.

New (2017) version, which differs substantially from the older versions (User:Aristeas/My photo credit line and User:Aristeas/My photo credit line 4.0) — the correct placement as well as the parameters order are different! For the old files, there is this new adapted variant: User:Aristeas/Photo credit box CCBYSA30 GFDL12.

This template should be used directly below the general {{Information}} template, because it builds a special information box on its own; if we don’t add a blank line in between, the new box is visually merged with the {{Information}} box. If the standard {{Location}} or {{Location withheld}} template is also used, it should go between the other templates, i.e. the best order is {{Information}}, {{Location}}, finally this template.


  1. My personal photo ID (a short string). Very useful for my personal reference, so please do not delete this parameter if present! The value is added to the description page and also used to sort the image automatically into Category:Photographs by Aristeas - by ID.
  2. Date in ISO format, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD, optionally followed by the time, i.e. HH:MM:SS without the time, please. The value is used to sort the image automatically into the appropriate subcategory of Category:Photographs by Aristeas - by date.
  3. (optional) Location prefix for the ‘⟨location⟩ photographs taken on ⟨date⟩’ categories. Use valid English country or region names like ‘Germany’, ‘Baden-Württemberg’, ‘Bavaria’ etc., just as they are used in the ‘⟨location⟩ photographs taken on ⟨date⟩’ category names and by the location=* parameter of the {{Taken on}} template. Removed 2021-12-17; I use the standard {{Taken on}} template now for that purpose, this is easier to understand for other users and therefore simplifies the maintenance.
  4. (optional) Named parameter colourspace: specify colour space name, e.g. AdobeRGB.
    • If no/an empty value is given, we assume sRGB colour space and show a hint about that.
    • If the value AdobeRGB is given, we link to a WP article about that colour space and auto-categorize the file into Category:AdobeRGB photographs.
    • Else, we link to a general WP article about RGB colour spaces.
  5. (optional) Named parameter copyrighthint, to insert additional copyright hints into the attribution string. If this parameter is specified, the file will be auto-categorized into Category:Files by Aristeas - with special license hints.
  6. (optional) Named parameter permissionhint, to append additional permission hints to the attribution string. If this parameter is specified, the file will be auto-categorized into Category:Files by Aristeas - with special license hints.

Some minor hints about the implementation[edit]

  • Around the main table, I put (like in the code for the original {{Information}} template) this division: <div class="hproduct commons-file-information-table"> ... </div>. Using these classes allows merging with the main Information box, just as e.g. the {{Location}} templates use it.
  • Seems that for the <table> the single class="toccolours" is sufficient. The {{Information}} template <table> element uses class="fileinfotpl-type-information toccolours vevent".
  • The other style=* attributes for the table <table> element have been taken from the {{Information}} template.
  • The localization for the ‘Attribution’ field uses the same code as the {{Credit line}} template: {{int:wm-license-cc-attribution|}}<br/><small>({{I18n/Credit line}})</small>; so look out if that line in the {{Credit line}} template or if any of the subtemplates used there changes, because this may force us to update this template, too.
  • The code which splits the date into year and month/day in order to sort the photograph into the appropriate subcategory of Category:Photographs by Aristeas - by date uses standard expressions and is inspired by common templates like {{Baden-Württemberg photographs taken on navbox}}.

Template preview[edit]

Colour space
CIE1931xy sRGB.svg
This image file uses the sRGB colour space.
(required by the license)
© Roman Eisele / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0
Using this photo new.svgCc-sa.svg
You can use this photograph free of charge under the terms of the free license CC BY-SA 4.0. In particular, this means:
  • You must include the credit line (Attribution) given above in an appropriate place (next to the picture, or in your list of image sources, etc.), to establish a clear and reasonable link between the picture and the credit line. Please quote the credit line (Attribution) completely.
  • If you use this photo in projects not related to Wikimedia/Wikipedia (e.g., in a book, or on your website), please send me an Mail-closed.svg e-mail or leave me a message.
  • If you use this photo in printed media (e.g., in a book, for a postcard, etc.), please send me a sample copy. Thank you very much!
  • Mail-closed.svg Contact me if you need a special version of this photo (e.g., some detail, a different focusing or resolution etc.), more information or any special permission.
Editing this photo
If you want to edit this photograph for Commons, please upload your edited version using a new file name. My own version of this photo should be preserved and must be easily accessible. Please add the template {{Derived from}} or {{Extracted from}} to your version and use it to link to my original version of the photo. Thank you very much!