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Two-wheeled open carriage Onet-le-Chateau 07.jpg This template is obsolete and out of service
I keep it for reference use etc., but please do not use it anymore.
There is a newer template which should be used instead:
User:Aristeas/Credits/CC BY-SA 4.0

Variant of my personal credit line template for the use with my (own) photographs. It uses auto-categorization, adding the image file automatically to Category:Photographs by Aristeas - by name, and, if the ID and/or date parameters are specified, also to Category:Photographs by Aristeas - by ID and/or Category:Photographs by Aristeas - by date.

New version (2015): Using CC BY-SA 4.0 only. The old version (with CC BY-SA 3.0 and GFDL) is here.
An even newer version (2017) is here.

This template should be used inside of the general {{Information}} template, usually by adding |other_fields = {{User:Aristeas/My photo credit line 4.0|...}} at the end of that template.


  1. (optional) My personal image ID (a short string). Very useful for my personal reference, so please do not delete this parameter if present!
  2. (optional) Whether this image was developed/converted from a RAW image file.
    • Specify RAW if this is true, i.e. a RAW file exists in my archive.
    • Any other (or an empty) value (or no value at all) will be evaluated as false. Normally I use - to indicate this.
  3. (optional) Date in ISO format, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD, optionally followed by the time, i.e. HH:MM:SS; necessary because with my new camera the file names are no longer unique ID numbers.
  4. (optional) Country prefix for the ‘Photographs taken on ⟨date⟩’ categories. Use valid English country names like ‘Germany’, just as they are used in the sub-category names.
    • If no date parameter is specified (see above), this parameter is ignored.
    • If the date parameter is specified, but this country parameter is empty or missing, we add the image to the general ‘Photographs taken on ⟨date⟩’ category.
    • If both parameters are specified, we add the photograph to the ‘⟨country⟩ photographs taken on ⟨date⟩’ category.

Template preview[edit]

(required by the license)


© Roman Eisele / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0


© Roman Eisele / Wikimedia Commons Using this image new.svgCc-sa.svg

  • You can use this image file free of charge with the free license specified below. Please include the credit line (Attribution) given above in an appropriate place (next to the image, or in your list of image sources, etc.), to establish a clear and reasonable link between the image and the credit line.
  • If you use this image in projects not related to Wikimedia/Wikipedia (e.g., in a book, or on your website), please send me an Mail-closed.svg e-mail or leave me a message.
  • If you use this image in printed media (e.g., in a book, for a postcard, etc.), please send me a sample copy. Thank you very much!
  • Mail-closed.svg Contact me if you need a special version of this image (the RAW file; some detail, a different focusing or resolution etc.), more information or any special permission.

Editing this image

  • If you want to edit this file for Commons, please upload it using a new file name. The photographer asks you to preserve his original version of this file and to keep it easily accessible. Thank you!