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This template provides the internal implementation for my personal credits template.

It should not be called directly, but is just called from the concrete credits templates: User:Aristeas/Credits/CC BY-SA 4.0 and User:Aristeas/Credits/CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL 1.2.

Therefore please see these templates for the documention of the public parameters.

Some minor hints about the implementation[edit]

  • In earlier versions I used (like in the code for the original {{Information}} template) a <div> around the complete <table> element: <div class="hproduct commons-file-information-table"> ... </div>. But the {{Location}} template does not use that <div> at all, so we can omit it.
  • Seems that for the <table> the single class="toccolours" is sufficient. But the {{Information}} and {{Location}} templates add more classes, so I add all the classes used by the {{Location}} template, too.
  • The <table> element in the standard {{Information}} still uses the attributes dir, lang and cellpadding, so we use them, too (but I wonder if this is really good 21st-century HTML?).
  • In order to get the spacing right and to allow several information supplement tables to be merged visually with the {{Information}} template, we must avoid empty lines and even some line breaks in our template code. For example, there must be no newline between </includeonly> and <noinclude>, and it seems that we must even avoid line breaks between the various included category definitions. Else the MediaWiki software thinks that we want a break after our table and adds a nasty <p><br/></p> (or similar) after it.
  • The localization for the ‘Attribution’ field uses the same code as the {{Credit line}} template; so look out if that line in the {{Credit line}} template or if any of the subtemplates used there changes, because this may force us to update this template, too.

Template preview[edit]

(required by the license)
© Roman Eisele / Wikimedia Commons / {{{abbreviation}}}
Using this picture new.svgCc-sa.svg
{{{explanation}}} In particular, this means:
  • You must include the credit line (Attribution) given above in an appropriate place (next to the picture, or in your list of image sources, etc.), to establish a clear and reasonable link between the picture and the credit line. Please quote the credit line (Attribution) completely.
  • If you use this picture in projects not related to Wikimedia/Wikipedia (e.g., in a book, or on your website), please send me an Mail-closed.svg e-mail or leave me a message.
  • If you use this picture in printed media (e.g., in a book, for a postcard, etc.), please send me a sample copy. Thank you very much!
  • Mail-closed.svg Contact me if you need a special version of this picture, more information or any special permission.
Editing this picture
If you want to edit this picture for Commons, please upload your edited version using a new file name. My own version of this picture should be preserved and must be easily accessible. Please add the template {{Derived from}} or {{Extracted from}} to your version and use it to link to my original version of the picture. Thank you very much!